Hi Everyone,

We would like to thank each of you for participating in today’s AMA. We are excited to share information with you and appreciate the excellent questions posed. Please be aware that over the next few days, we will be working on the branding aspects of our website. During this time, if certain elements are not functioning or connected correctly, do not worry; it is simply part of the transition to our new look.

All the features listed below have already been implemented, except for the last features, events, and our fan feed, which are necessary to complete our platform.

In 2023:

  • 5 billion people are on social media
  • $6 trillion in annual e-commerce sales,
  • With $22.69 Billion in NFT Sales and $77.53 Billion in ticket Sales, this market is immense.

Our platform is not a social media site; it is a fan page that influencers can link to their social media to showcase a personalized marketplace with numerous features available at launch, including:

  • NFT marketplace
  • E-commerce
  • Ticket sales
  • Events
  • Live streaming
  • Charity Donation capabilities
  • Auction feature
  • Rewards through voting, purchase incentives, and ‘spin the wheel’ activities
  • ‘Watch and Earn’ features for YouTube videos or similar content.

These numerous features position OneFanToken as a pioneering hybrid of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 platforms.

We hope this AMA helps you better understand the platform and our plans.

Now, let’s begin with your questions.

Q&A Session:

Q1: What Exactly is OneFanToken?

OneFanToken is like a Virtual Mall, where influencers, creators, and companies are given their own space to excel for their fans, followers, and customers. It’s a platform where features empower creators without restricting their ability to network and reach fans across other platforms.

For Influencers:

  • Showcase Diverse Offerings: Offer everything from NFTs to event tickets.
  • Deeply Engage with Fans: Foster community through forums, polls, and chats.
  • Monetize Creatively: Diverse avenues for monetizing your brand and content.
  • OFT.LINK – Your Dynamic Portfolio: A customizable, auto-updating microsite that keeps your fans up-to-date.
  • Flexibility Across Platforms: Complement your social media presence with centralized monetization and engagement.
  • Customizable Reward System: Design your own unique reward system, choosing which engagements earn points and what rewards to offer, from products to live events and coupons.

For Fans:

  • Earn and Convert Points: Accumulate OneFanToken platform points that can be converted into any influencer’s points.
  • Engage and Be Rewarded: Earn influencer points through activities like reacting to posts, watching videos, and visiting links.
  • Shop and Collect: Gain platform points from purchases, daily logins, spinning a reward wheel, and more.
  • Connect with Your Favorites: A direct line to interact with and support your beloved influencers.

OneFanToken is where influencers and fans come together in a dynamic, rewarding ecosystem, enhancing the connection and experience for both.

Q2: Supporting Charities Regularly

Great question! At launch, we will provide an option for each influencer to highlight their preferred charity, allowing direct donations through Onefantoken. Transaction fee of each donation will be allocated to the charity endorsed by Onefantoken. At CSPN, we aim to establish our own charity in the future. Meanwhile, we will select a different charity each month to receive our collective donations. All of these activities will be transparent and prominently displayed on our website.

Example of functions for charity here is the charity example

OneFanToken’s Charity Initiative: Empowering Influencers, Supporting Causes

For Influencers:

  • Feature Your Preferred Charity: Influencers can highlight their chosen charity, like Doctors Without Borders, directly on their OneFanToken profile.
  • Create a Customizable Donation Item: In your store, set up a donation item where fans can choose the amount they wish to contribute.

For Fans:

  • Donate Directly Through OneFanToken: Fans can easily donate to the influencer’s featured charity by purchasing the donation item in the influencer’s store.
  • Your Contributions Make a Difference: Every donation is a direct contribution to the chosen charity, fostering a culture of giving and support within the OneFanToken community.

OneFanToken’s Commitment:

  • Monthly Charity Contributions: OneFanToken will allocate 5% of the transaction fee from each charity order to a different charity selected by CSPN each month.
  • Transparency and Integrity: We are committed to full transparency. OneFanToken does not profit from charity donations. All charity activities and contributions will be prominently displayed and updated on our website.

Q3 & Q4: Advertising Efforts and Celebrity Involvement

Your question about advertising is indeed an important one. No product gains momentum without great advertising. Recently, we’ve brought on a branding team as we approach the completion of our platform. This team will develop a launch campaign and introduce a founders program. This program offers numerous benefits for early community members and fans. Additionally, we’re initiating an ambassador program to promote Cspn and Onefantoken across various genres.

Regarding high-profile influencers, we’ve already identified targets for our advertising efforts to broaden our reach.

As for physical marketing materials, we plan to offer t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale on Onefantoken in the coming months. We’re also considering additional items for trade show marketing purposes.

Q5: Strategy and Timeline for Uplisting on Exchanges

We’re finalizing an agreement with a new exchange and plan to launch within the coming months.

Q6: Publishing a Monthly Progress Report

We give updates. So we have not gotten to an official report.

Q7: Creating a Countdown for New Exchange Listing

The clock is a great idea. We have a footprint of the sequins we will launch and add the exchange, and the marketing team will make sure it is done appropriately. Closer to time there may be a clock pop up.

Q8: Professional Support for Progress

Thank you for the compliment yes the team is hard at work. We have daily reach outs for collaborations and promotions. These will be implemented once the platform is completed. Which is very soon.

Q9: Changing Stock Market Chart Perception

Hey, I agree with you. If I’m being honest, I don’t consider it trading at this point. It’s the calm before the storm. The market history will change once we get on the new exchange and advertising begins. I know it’s frustrating, but advertising is costly, and it has to be done correctly so you maximize the exposure and gave people stay. Onefantoken solves that issue for CSPN.

Q10: CSPN’s Interest Compared to OneFanToken

CSPN remains a pivotal element in OneFanToken’s long-term vision. We’re actively devising strategies to promote CSPN responsibly, especially considering the complex legal landscape surrounding crypto promotion in the United States. Challenges like ad rejections are common due to these legal intricacies.

However, CSPN is at the core of our operations. Our approach is multifaceted, with OneFanToken playing a significant role in uniting communities responsibly. This includes fostering connections within crypto communities like CSPN, ensuring that our growth and outreach are both sustainable and compliant with regulatory standards.

In the very near future we are hoping to release a very important effort for the CSPN Community that we have been working on in the background for a long time now.

Q14: Angel Investors and Community Support

Great question, As you all know, we do not profit from the exchange as a company. The project is personally funded to this date. We will be finalizing our pitch deck today! This will be sent to some of the top venture capitalist firms in the world. We are seeking angel or large firm investments.

Q15: Integrating Other Token Projects and Payment Methods

Sure, we are being extremely careful about this. The plan right now is:

CSPN will be a valid base Crypto to price all NFT products in MATIC will be a valid base Crypto to price all NFT products in

Influencers who qualify to receive their own Fan Tokens that we will mint, will be listed as valid Crypto for all NFT products

We do not have plans to add other base types of Crypto as Payments, instead the other option will be to pay for NFTs with Stripe/USD.

We want to give Influencers the autonomy to serve their fans and communities as they see fit and are trying to give as many options as possible


Thank you all for joining our AMA. Your enthusiasm and support for OneFanToken are immensely valued. We are looking forward to an exciting future together!

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